Sterilite Drawer Weave Tower Espresso

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Drawer Tower

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Organize visible storage areas with Sterilite’s Weave collection. These Weave Storage items combine style and function; the trendy look of weave with the convenience, durability, and value of plastic to provide a variety of Decor solutions for your living spaces.

The 3 Drawer Weave Tower is ideal for “out in the open” lightweight storage needs. Three opaque drawers keep clutter controlled and concealed while providing access to frequently used items, where they are most often used.

The easy pull handles allow drawers to open and close effortlessly, with a drawer stop to prevent drawers from being removed accidentally. When storing items away, be mindful of the weight in each drawer and don’t overload.

Dimensions: 15″ D x 12 5/8″ W x 24″ H


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