The Hand Arnold Team

Our people are our greatest asset and that’s not just a cliché at HAND ARNOLD! Our diverse team of professionals offer the perfect blend of experience and innovative thinking, with a single-minded vision geared towards being industry benchmarks in brand building and consumer satisfaction.

Hand Arnold – Board of Directors

Our executive leadership continues to build a culture of success that fuels our transformation and supports growth worldwide. Learn more about the people who lead our efforts toward sustainability and innovation.

Anthony Agostini

Chairman of Hand Arnold, Managing Director of Agostini’s Ltd., Chairman of the Victor & Sally Mouttet Foundation

Sharon Gunness - Balkissoon

CEO/ Director of Hand Arnold, Non-executive Director of Agostini Building Solutions

Sherrand Malzar

Secretary/ Finance Director of Hand Arnold

Ravi Persad

Divisional Head- Grocery/ Director of Hand Arnold

Nalini Ragbir

Divisional Head – Food and Beverage/ Director of Hand Arnold

Lisa Mackenzie

Finance Director of Access & Security Solutions Ltd., Director of Scotiabank T&T Ltd. & Scotialife T&T Ltd., Non-Executive Director of Hand Arnold

Christopher Alcazar

CEO- CDP Limited, President of Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturer’s Association, Non- executive director of Hand Arnold

Anthony Ali

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Goddard Enterprises Limited, Non- executive Director of Hand Arnold

Wayne Bernard

C.E.O./ Director of RoscoPro, Non-executive Director of Hand Arnold

Meet the Troops

Our front-line team consists of over 100 highly trained and motivated sales and merchandising members. Their expertise, experience, and deep understanding of shoppers ensure consistent and effective representation of our brands. Supported by our promotional team, we maintain strong brand visibility and consumer engagement at numerous retail points of sale.

To optimize distribution across all channels, we offer a combination of pre-sales and direct van sales. This comprehensive approach ensures that our products reach every corner of the country.

Our sales and brand management team operates in a multifunctional manner, leveraging their trade relationships to achieve desired brand outcomes. Whether it’s our own brand or that of our partners, our flat organizational structure and agility exemplify our commitment to building, supporting, and protecting all our brands with a long-term perspective in mind.

Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

The success of our company is directly tied to the exceptional support provided by our Operations Team, Supply-Chain Team, Finance Team, Information Technology Team, and our Human Resources Team.

These dedicated professionals deeply understand the significance of customer service and go the extra mile to enable our front-line staff to achieve our overall objectives. They work tirelessly to ensure timely deliveries and leverage state-of-the-art technology to enhance our operations. Their unwavering commitment and diligence contribute significantly to the fulfilment of our company’s purpose.