ASOTV Pain Cakes Large

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Pain Cakes

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Paincakes are a cold therapy device that keeps your “recovery” exactly where you need it! Paincakes stick and stay put without straps, tape or Velcro for specific relief from pain, soreness, and inflammation!

The amazing adhesion gel allows Paincakes to re-stick or re-position up to 100x on clean and dry skin. The latex-free design will not leave a residue, pull your hair, or skin. It will conform to knees, elbows, toes, ankles, heels, back, shoulder — anywhere!

Paincakes makes icing super convenient, effective and fun! Just Stick-it! The slim design lets you wear the stickable cold pack directly under your clothing. Paincakes deliver safe pain relief for bumps, bruises, sprains, strains, swelling, bites, aches, muscles, and inflammation.

Simply chill for 60 minutes in the re-closeable zipper pouch, always check cold pack temperature before application. Apply for 1 minute and remove. Remove the cover and press to the affected area. Slowly increase chill & application times. To remove, gently peel-off. Replace the protective cover over the gel and re-charge for your next use. Simple and easy!


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