ASOTV Atomic Beam Night Hero Binoculars

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NIGHT TIME BINOCULARS Wish you could see what goes bump in the night? Out camping and are weary or the local wildlife? Harness the power of night time goggles in a convenient, everyday pair of binoculars! Atomic Beam Night Hero Binoculars give you optimal daytime and nighttime clarity. Thanks to the special atomic beam laser you’ll reveal objects hidden in the darkness from 150-yards away.

DAYTIME BINOCULARS See your surroundings clearly and up close. Thanks to 10x magnification you can see the winning goal or find a species of bird you’ve never seen before. Night Hero Binoculars can be used in daytime just like regular binoculars. They’re lightweight and easy to carry, perfect to take along on day trips, extended travel, or exploring in the wilderness!

Product Features
• Get close-up views at sporting events or while sightseeing, hiking, hunting, and for many other activities
• Toggle for daytime use and night vision with high contrast and clarity
• Simply press the button for night vision laser
• Atomic Night Hero binoculars reveal objects up to 150 yards
• 10x magnification
• Use a full range of focal adjustments
• The rugged design and rubber eye cups provide a comfortable viewing experience
• Lightweight and water-resistant sporting binoculars
• Device requires 2 “AAA” batteries


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