Handi-foil, Bake America

Handi-foil™ Corporation is a privately owned manufacturer of recyclable aluminum products committed to quality, convenience and innovation. In the industry since its inception in 1958, we have accumulated the knowledge and experience necessary to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and technology. As the industry leader, we offer a complete line of foil containers and dome lids including traditional, high-end and seasonal bakeware items. Our recyclable, American made products are manufactured in Wheeling, Illinois, and are kosher approved under the supervision of the Orthodox Union and bear its emblem.

As the foilware category pioneer, #1 market share leader and steward of the environment, Handi-foil’s most recent innovation was the introduction of Eco-Foil™ brand foilware. Eco-Foil™ is the first and only line of foil containers made exclusively from 100% recycled aluminum. Eco-Foil™ demonstrates our ongoing commitment to preserving the environment.


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