Nu Wave:
A countertop oven that will have you cooking at the speed of light... The NuWave Oven will cook up to 50% faster and uses up to 85% less energy energy than your conventional oven. You will no longer have to waste time and money pre-heating your large oven, plus you can cook from frozen to fabulous, so there is no defrosting required. Foods cooked in the NuWave Oven are healthier, too. There are no additional fats or oils required, foods cook quickly and evenly, sealing the natural juices and removing more unwanted fats.

Pillow Pets Dream Lites are the amazing nightlights that make bed time FUN! Simply press the button and your Pillow Pet instantly projects a colorful, starry sky on your ceiling and walls! Creates a magical and tranquil environment that helps kids ease into a restful sleep. They are even great for playtime. Built in timer shuts off after 20 minutes.

The Instyler® is a new hair styling tool that straightens, polishes and styles hair by means of a rotating heated cylinder and brush bristles. This totally new design polishes the hair strands individually, and allows the user to get amazing results that are much better than those they would have gotten using a flat iron, curling iron, or hot tool. The new design delivers great results without an extreme amount of heat or heavy styling products.

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