Paqui Tortilla Chips I Best Flavored Tortilla Chips

We're bringing you real ingredients, fierce flavor, and nothing artificial. Ever.
We’re Paqui (pronounced pah-kee) and we do bold the natural way by only using real ingredients to create fierce flavors with nothing artificial. Ever. After all, our light & crispy chip recipe (and our name) is a tribute to the Aztecs that inspired us. And they weren’t exactly known for compromising. So neither are we

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SkinnyPop Popcorn - Pure Popped Perfection

Pure Popped Perfection
the best tasting popcorn with the fewest, cleanest and simplest ingredients possible: just popcorn kernels, sunflower oil, and salt.

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Anchor Milk Powder and Anchor Whipping and Anchor Cooking Cream 200ml

Anchor products are manufactured by Fonterra a world leading dairy exporter and Co-op of 10,500 dairy farmers with roots firmly planted in New Zealand’s rich land. They work to unlock every drop of goodness from the milk they collect; milk used in the making of the pure, nutritious goodness that is found in all Anchor dairy products. Both professional chefs and at home cooks alike choose Anchor for its rich, delicious flavour. They know the wonderful difference it makes to every dish they create.


Décor has been making everyday lives easier and more enjoyable for over 60 years, with homewares that are beautiful, functional, affordable and made to last. Originating in Melbourne, Australia in 1958, Décor has built its reputation on design excellence, product innovation and trusted quality. Smart, innovative solutions

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