Meet bobble, a filtered water bottle that saves $, takes care of the planet, keeps your body hydrated and your taste buds satisfied, all while looking good.

We set out to satisfy our desire for fresh, clean, portable water while minimizing the considerable costs bottled water imposes on our environment and ourselves. We decided to reinvent the water bottle. We needed our bottle to be recyclable and resilient. We needed to hold costs down. We refused to sacrifice style in favor of function. In essence, we wanted it all, and we wanted it now. Two years later, we proudly present: bobble.

Americans alone spend $15 billion every year to slake their thirst for portable water. The costs are not limited to our wallets, either: each year, nearly 17 million barrels of oil are used to make plastic water bottles. Most of those bottles are casually discarded in our landfills, in our oceans, littering our sidewalks. At Move Collective, we were intrigued by this challenge. We have decades of experience solving design and engineering concerns. And we like bottled water. We didn’t think the solution was to stop drinking it. We saw this as an engineering problem, a complex question that demanded a simple, intuitive answer.

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