Tens of thousands of years ago, Florida was under water. As sea levels lowered, mineral-rich limestone bedrock remained, creating a natural filter for groundwater to flow through. Fast forward to the 19th century where Simon J. Temple purchased land in Central Florida that is characterized by rolling hills, citrus groves, lakes, and amazing zephyr0like breezes. Well suited to this ideal setting, the town’s official name became Zephyrhills.
To pay tribute to this historic locale, we named our water Zephyrhills because to us, it’s more than a name; it’s a celebration of what’s most natural about Florida. While Zephyrhills Brand Natural Spring Water still comes frm the Zephyrhills area, we have also selected additional natural spring sources in Florida that will continue to deliver the clean, refreshing taste of Zephyrhills Brand 100% Natural Spring Water for many years to come.

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